[Vision2020] So What Kind of Plagiarist is Nick Gier?

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed Oct 12 18:43:26 PDT 2005

Dr. Gier's public lecture notes were just that . . . public lecture notes .
. . used in preparation for a lecture, which he gave down south in

I mean . . . it's not like he was writing a book to be published by his own
vanity press for sale.  I mean . . . that wouldn't even be original.  Now
would it?  That's been done before, right DW?


Take care, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho


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On 10/12/05, Doug Jones <credenda at moscow.com> wrote:
>  Are public lecture notes immune from plagiarizing? Of course not. The law
> still applies. Nick urged us to sign on and "strongly condemn the use of
> author's words without proper attribution."  The same criterion applies to
> him.

I'm not quite certain what the term "public lecture notes" means; are
these copies of notes that Nick used when giving lectures, now shared
with the public?  If so, then I would disagree that Nick has
plagiarized.  Notes of this type are compiled as a memory aid, with no
dissemination intended.  One does not footnote memory aids, except
for, perhaps, as scribbled comments in the margin (and not necessarily
at the bottom of the page, which makes such comments not technically
footnotes, but I digress).

At any rate, it isn't surprising that Nick didn't annotate his "public
lecture notes" before he shared them with us.  These aren't examples
of his work, and nowhere is it implied that they are, unlike the
selections he provides from his own writings, in which copyright is
clearly indicated.

A non-issue raised by someone attempting to even the score of a
vendetta that does not exist.

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