[Vision2020] A Few Points

Joseph Campbell josephc at wsu.edu
Wed Oct 12 17:14:42 PDT 2005

Phil: I appreciate the well-researched news about teaching salaries that
you've provided. Even though my post followed yours, I didn't have time to
read yours before I put mine up.

In any event, I would say that Idaho teachers are underpaid. Not underpaid
relative to the salaries of other teachers, perhaps, to relative to the
salaries of other workers. But underpaid relative to their value in our
society. I think this is true of all teachers, though as you point out it
may be especially true when it comes to childhood, adult literacy, and
special education teachers.

Doug & Doug: You can't be serious to compare "plagiarism" wrt class notes
and plagiarism wrt a book for which someone gets research credit and
monetary rewards. 

Also, what point are you trying to make? If they are the same and Nick is to
blame, then so is Doug Wilson. So why not say this? If they are the same and
Doug Wilson is not to blame, then neither is Nick. Why treat the two cases
differently if your point is that they are the same?

I just don't get the point!

Joe Campbell

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