[Vision2020] open letter to Bill Parks

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Mon Oct 10 15:10:33 PDT 2005

Dear Bill, Bill and Visionaries:

Indeed, the Paradise Path has been given a wonderful gift from Bill Parks AND from his employees at NOrthwest River Supplies besides! It was the generosity of all of them that made this possible way ahead of the time we at the City can provide the final shot of asphalt required for the paving!

So, there are even more people to thank for this, including Mr. Martson's donation that was the last link in the chain.

Now, with the railroad/university/City swap, and the NW River Supplies donation, the Paradise Path Task Force will be having a grand opening of the connections from the Chipman Trail to the Latah Trail with the first portion of the Paradise Path in between.

Stay tuned for more options: north on Polk STreet, north through Mountainview Park, and beyond!

The Taskforce meets Tuesday, October 11 at 5 PM in teh Mayor's COnference Room, City Hall. We could you additional energy. We are justifiably proud of our initial path efforts and development of the Berman Creekside Park from the taskforce efforts. Hope you enjoyed the CityRepair seminars sponsored by the taskforce and will stay tuned for more exciting options for paths, walking, cycling, and pocket parks!

All the best,

Linda Pall
Moscow City Council

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  Yesterday, to celebrate the glorious fall weather, we took a short walk at Berman Creekside Park.  To our surprise, the paved path along Paradise Creek there no longer ends in a tangle of brush.

  The path is now connected -- on the west to Highway 95 and on the east to the Latah Trail.

  The land has been secured, the trail cleared, and the gravel surface completed.  What an incredible achievement.

  In discussions with parks personnel, I learned that it was a significant gift from Bill Parks at Northwest River Supply that made this trail connection possible.

  To Bill Parks, I offer my thanks.


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