[Vision2020] An unpleasant subject

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Mon Oct 10 10:16:15 PDT 2005

Perhaps this person carries dog turds as snacks.

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> Last night, during the Auntie Establishment and Brother Carl Show, someone 
> smeared dog feces into the air intakes of our car.
> While there's no way of knowing who Mr. Poopyfingers is, another 
> acquaintance of ours recently suffered a similar misfortune, and I wonder 
> just how coincidental that might be.  On the other hand, maybe there's 
> been an epidemic of poo-spreading across town.  If so, others may like to 
> know that a small bowl of coffee (beans or grounds) on the dashboard is 
> very effective at reducing lingering odors, once you've washed the car.
> And although it's surely one of the nastier things anyone's done to us, 
> when I think that there's someone walking around Moscow with his pockets 
> full of dog turds on the off chance that he'll see our car, I have to pity 
> him.
> Melynda Huskey
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