[Vision2020] UI pres reacts to email security breach

roger ames rogerames at verizon.net
Fri Oct 7 12:13:07 PDT 2005

Mr. Hansen,
I apologize to all for my flippant  subject line. I realize now it wasn't 
the best choice of words. Thank you Mr. Hansen for calling me on it.
My comment was based on my conjecture that Mr. White was probably pretty 
steamed about having his email account hacked. I know it would increase my 
blood pressure. With his history of two previous heart attacks it probably 
didn't help his medical condition.
Not a joking matter and I apologize for my inappropriate use of sarcasm to 
draw attention to what has become a very serious situation for Mr. White and 
the University of Idaho.

Roger Ames

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> Gee, Mr. Ames -
> I cannot seem to find, anywhere in the article, where President White's 
> heart attack was the result of his reacting "to email security breach".
> Could you explain how you came to this conclusion?
> Tom Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
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>>Subject: [Vision2020] UI pres reacts to email security breach
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>>Posted this morning on Today at Idaho website, 
>>No joke.
>>Roger Ames
>>UI President Timothy White Hospitalized
>>Oct. 7, 2005
>>MOSCOW, Idaho - University of Idaho President Timothy White is at a 
>>Spokane hospital after a heart attack early Friday morning.
>>White was awakened by chest pains and taken to Gritman Medical Center in 
>>Moscow where it was determined he suffered a heart attack. According to 
>>hospital personnel, his vital signs were stable, and anti-clotting 
>>medication was administered. He maintained his alertness and sense of 
>>humor throughout the episode.
>>He was transferred to a hospital in Spokane where he is resting 
>>comfortably, and will be held for observation over the weekend.
>>Contact: Harold Gibson, UI Communications, (208) 885-7372 or (208) 
>>310-6808 cell, gibson at uidaho.edu
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