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Dec 11 v2020 Jackie Woolf had this to say:
"Jim Jones was the leader of a cult.  David Koresh was the leader of cult.  
(Personally, I knew David when he was still calling himself Vernon.  Believe me, 
I know the difference between a cult and a genuine church that worships God.)  
The two named are absolute examples of what a cult leader and group is all 
Pastor Wilson, the Church of Christ is the absolute example of what a cult is 
NOT.  There is NO brainwashing; there is NO physical/pyschological abuse.  There 
is NO condemnation of the soul if someone choses(sic) to leave.  There is NO part of 
Christ Church which worships anyone else but God and HIS word.  The Church of 
Christ AND Pastor Wilson do answer to people outside of our town and community.  
A cult answers only to itself.
Please, use some care when putting labels on people you can not or will not be 
able to defend.
Thank you.
Nov 19 v2020 Jackie Woolf had this to say:
"Seems to me, you all are making Pastor Wilson's argument (which
he has stated and re-stated many a time.)
To own a slave is not what he recommends or supports; however
IF a slave is owned then treat him/her correctly and in a Godly
manner.  What on earth is so difficult for anyone to understand?
I just don't get it.
There are plenty of issues that Jesus never specifically spoke about,
but his general admonition still covers it all: The Golden Rules need 
to be remembered and followed.
Thank you.
Mar 5 v2020 Jackie Woolf had this to say:
I have been asked why I am taking this public...simple - Mr. Wilson is 
speaking out in very loud voice about how wrong divorce is, who holy 
marriage is, how RIGHT he is.  I am tired of suffering in silence while he 
spews such filth against people who have no choice in how their lives are 
going (such as those who are ill.)  His Blog is very much full of lies about 
his personal life and his family's as well as his twisted view on what God 
is saying about how we should live.  I am tired of being "marked" if you 
will for speaking my mind to him and his people who have appointed 
themselves "holier than anyone else" - namely his assistances and "elders" 
in the church.
Mr. Wilson speaks out against government(sic) and how evil it is - yet he is 
perfectly willing to use parts of it to achieve his ends - such as the tax 
issue.  He has totally forgotten that when Jesus was asked about paying the 
Romans tax, Jesus said "Return to Rome(Cesar) what is Rome's(Cesar's).  
Again, he is willing to use OUR government to get out of paying taxes while 
at the same time the other side of his mouth he is bad mouthing it.
That's it.  I am just tired of watching what really seems to be the setting 
up of another "Jim Jones" right here in Moscow.  People need to wake up to 
his evil before it is too late.
October 6 v2020 Jackie Woolf had this to say:
Get real!  And grow up!
And get the letter removed - NOW!
Jackie, Why are you so bitter?
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