[Vision2020] Get it right, Right-Minded!

Tom Hansen idahotom at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 4 11:42:40 PDT 2005

Dale "Doug's Boy" Courtney get something wrong??

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

>From: "J Ford" <privatejf32 at hotmail.com>
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>Subject: [Vision2020] Get it right, Right-Minded!
>Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 11:35:35 -0700
>In regards to the optical project that the City of Moscow is working on 
>with Gritman, MSD, the UI, and the State Transportation Department and Dale 
>"Some things of interest here:
>    * The cost of the project was estimated at $125,000 with the Citys 
>portion representing approximately $65,000 of the total.
>    * The final cost came in at nearly $180k. That's 42.4% higher than 
>estimated. Not a trivial mistake. "
>However, if you read what the City is saying, you see that once again, Dale 
>got it wrong:
>"Upon examination of the bid responses North Skys bid has been determined 
>to be non-responsive as they failed to acknowledge the two bid document 
>addendums published during the bid period. Therefore we have only one 
>responsive bid in the amount of $178,405.00. Staff has identified means of 
>reducing the project cost by utilizing alternate installation methods for 
>particular segments of the project, primarily by using aerial instead of 
>underground installation methods to reach Lena Whitmore Elementary School 
>and to substitute a microwave connection from Eggan Youth Center to the 
>Aquatics Center.Staff has worked with Sefnco to establish estimated cost 
>savings by these modifications and it is estimated that the total project 
>cost could be reduced to approximately $100,000, with the Citys portion at 
>approximately $39,000.  This would bring the project approximately $25,000 
>under budget."
>If the Council meeting last night was watched you would have heard Bill 
>"This element has been named the East Side Fiber Optics Project. The cost 
>of the project WAS(!) estimated at $125,000 with the Citys portion 
>representing approximately $65,000 of the total. Two bids on the project 
>were received, one from North Sky Communications and one from Sefnco 
>Communications in the amounts of $157,182.42 and $178,405.00 respectively."
>In other words, what the project IS slated to cost is not what was 
>originally budgeted - it is LESS!  And it is NOT just a project between the 
>City and MSD, it involves Gritman, UI and the Transportation Department.  
>No one entity is footing the bill totally.
>The monies used by MSD for this project have been set aside for the past 
>two/three years.  It's been an accumulation of Facility monies that have 
>been set aside and added to over the years.  It was started in 2002/03 and 
>has been sitting there with occasional additions over the years.  This is a 
>project that the MSD knew was going to happen and they have been 
>responsible enough to add to the fund until the amount needed is reached.  
>It has nothing to do with the monies that is needed for the fixing of the 
>schools in Moscow.
>J  ;)
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