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Part of this must be a search issue, so chastise your search engine.  

Don't chastise Nancy Chaney or Bob Stout.  Their web sites are up and running:



Bruce Livingston
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  Wanting to be an informed citizen, and not having the benefit of any literature whatsoever on any of the city council/mayorial candidates for the looming election, and not knowing all of them personally, I thought I would just visit their Websites for the information. Lo and behold, I could not find a Website for even one of the candidates, which is unfathomable to me this day and age. I would think that it would be the first thing a candidate would do, even before filing. In fact, it ought to be a requisite for running. I can't think of a better, more cost-effective means of letting the broadest spectrum of citizens know about you and your platform. I find it difficult to take a candidate seriously who doesn't have such a simple, rudimentary means of informing the constituency. And, you can say so much more on a Website than you can in a brochure. It's not as if Moscow consists of a bunch of computer illiterates. If fact, it is, perhaps, a little insulting to the community that our candidates seem to be so electronically unadroit. 

  I must say, though, that the search exercise was not without its amusements and awards. For instance, I found a quotation from Peg Hamblet informing the City Council that, as an aerobics instructor, most of her students would not pass the strictures of the topless ordinance. I discovered several probate notices for Walter Steed, and found that he may be a judge in Utah with three wives and countless offspring.

  Anyway, I say shame on all of you, and I suggest that you get with it and get out some e-blicity for your own good and the good of the community. It will save you money in the long run. Consider a blog as a possible alternative. By the way, I'm available for Website design. I charge $1500 per hour, but give deep discounts for candidates who promise to vote as I dictate--just kidding. 

  The uninformed,
  Tim Hillebrand  


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