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Greetings Visionaires -

For those of you who are interested, Wayne Fox's claims are supported by
more than hot air.  Take a look at:


As far as Mr. Nesbit's comments are concerned, well . . . you know . . . He
appears to be another lame duck from our local quack factory.

Take care, Moscow.

Tom "who likes his water clean and plentiful" Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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Yes, you really do need to stop pissing in the wind and hoping that the 
splatter will cause harm to your opposition.  Try researching and seeking 
the truth in the first place and you might avoid some of the false 
statements and missteps you seem relatively prone to.

First, you wrongly accused me of criminality and attempted to influence 
public officials with baseless claims.  The investigations that I underwent 
found that I had committed no wrong going, but you refuse to acknowledge 
that you were wrong.

Then you lay the false claim that the company I work for is 'behind' Naylor 
Farms and that we some how intend to conduct a minerals operation at that 
property.  That statement is demonstrably false, has been shown to be false 
and is based on a minority share position in the company by the Naylor’s in 
what is a public company.  That accusation of yours suggests that i minerals

inc is involved in what would be a criminal conspiracy, since as a public 
company, i minerals inc has to disclose any and all of its acquisitions, 
which of course would include any stake or holding in a property like Naylor


To bolster your claim, you make some sort of big deal about share ownership 
by the Naylor’s, whose minority shareholding does not even allow them a seat

on i mineral inc's Board of Directors.  Rather than simply say, "Geeh, 
sorry, I might have been wrong and not had my facts straight", you just keep


You plug on that one just as you have on the very false statement that 
Naylor Farms request for water was equal to the use of Moscow and Pullman 
combined.  I keep seeing that number pushed, yet, it has been demonstrated 
to be false by ever single geologist and hydrologist who have testified at 
the various hearings, by the Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee, by Idaho 
Department of Resources and a host of others.  Rather than admit you used a 
scare tactic inflated number and that the real figure is less than 10% of 
the value you love to continue to quote, you still push that falsehood to 
the public both here and on your various websites and blogs.

So as you tell these people here that they need to look closely at anything 
the Naylor’s say, perhaps you should also state that they should look at 
your statements with a gargantuan grain of salt and examined very, very 

As for the rest of your posting, I will take the time and deconstruct it 
properly.  As with the rest of your statements, you have done insufficient 
research and have grounded yourself pretty poorly prior to making sweeping 
and false allegations.  That is never a wise move, Wayne, since doing so 
tends to come back and bite one in the posterior.

Phil Nisbet

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