[Vision2020] Difference #15

Nick Gier ngier at uidaho.edu
Mon May 30 15:51:54 PDT 2005


I'm gratified by the responses--both private and public--to my post on 
Evangelical Christianity and Wilsonian Christianity.  The 15th difference 
is appended below and entire piece can now be viewed at 
www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/evang.htm.  I'm sure I'll think of some more as 
time passes and more of Wilson's theological experiments come to light.

Let me emphasize that Doug Wilson and I had cordial relations until 
November, 2003, and then I discovered that he was linked to the 
neo-Confederates and co-authored the slavery booklet with one of them.  His 
dishonest response to the slavery booklet made me lose all respect for him.

Let me also emphasize that I have always distinguished between Wilson and 
his congregation.  On several occasions--here and in the local 
newspapers--I have said that Christ Church deserves an honest 
pastor.  Former church members have posted documents that show that in the 
early 1990s church elders tried to force Wilson to resign, but, clever 
devil that he is, he out-foxed them.  Read the entire affair at 

As far as facts go on V2020, it is a really easy to check most of these out 
because I provide documentation on nearly every major point. If you find 
that this is not the case, e-mail me immediately.

15. Most CEC colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest regularly 
attend and participate in the regional meetings of the American Academy of 
Religion and Society for Biblical Literature.  At the Moscow meeting in 
April 2003, 40 percent of the papers were presented by faculty from these 
schools.  As president of the region that year I invited faculty and 
students from Wilson's New St. Andrews College to participate.  No one from 
NSA showed up, even though there were no travel expenses. Later NSA Dean 
Roy Atwood responded that they had better things to do.

Yours for constructive relations with Christian evangelicals,

Nick Gier

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