[Vision2020] Level playing fields

Scott Dredge sdredge at yahoo.com
Sun May 29 02:04:20 PDT 2005

Right on Dale, your blog archives are very handy. 
Anyone can go back and read the comment that Tim
Rigsby made about your wife.  It is interesting to see
the entire story, the unflattering pictures that you
posted, the reasonable objections to your posting of
them, the ROTFL comments from your cronies about how
funny all those ugly Democrat females look and how the
Moscow liberals need to lighten up...and then whammo! 
Tim Rigsby levels the playing the field in as much as
everyone posting comments now agrees the thread isn't
so funny after all.

It kinda parallels Doug Wilson first pissing on the US
Constitution, followed by his bemoaning of our
egalitarian society, and then subsequently bellowing
that complaints filed against his organizations are
both unfair and unconstitutional.  He's fortunate that
the US constitution (which he doesn't believe in) and
our egalitarian society (which he abhors) will afford
him and the organizations he is associated a level
playing field.  Liberty and justice for all.  It's
such a novel concept.

Tim Rigsby is probably in his very early twenties,
probably has some very idealistic views, and he's
engaging in political and religious dialogue with
people twice his age who are already set in their
ways.  You might want to cut him some slack.  He did
apologize.  The whole world can see that.  Until now
it's been a little tougher to see your unacceptance of


From: Dale Courtney
Date: Thu May 26 18:06:23 PDT 2005

Google up Vision2020 in Moscow and find how many hits
you get. When people Google Moscow, they don't find
Vision2020; they find Intolerista quotes on my blog
So, I carry on my statistics; my pretty graphs; and
online discussions on my site with whoever wants to
engage. And I don't delete their postings. If
they say something nasty, it stays (just as Tim Rigsby
about his comment about my wife) as do inane comments.
Just like Vision2020 -- they hang out there for the
world to see. 

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