[Vision2020] Dale "Mr. Pleasant" Courtney

Dale Courtney dmcourtn at moscow.com
Sat May 28 21:11:20 PDT 2005

I owe you an answer? I owe you an answer? 
Funny. I neither work for you nor am I one of your students who is in any
way in debt to you for anything. 
I'm not sure where you come off thinking that I owe you anything.
And before Mr. Logic starts twisting in the wind -- just because I choose
not to spend my time running around answering his silly writings (like
evangelicals are Talibans), doesn't mean that he is correct. I've got better
things to do with my time than try to rebuke someone whose mind is made up.
I'd rather just point everyone to his writings and allow them to blow in the
wind for themselves. 


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Which reminds me: Courtney owes me an answer to my piece "Libertarianism and
Christianity," not the insults he has posted on his site, but right here on
V2020.  One of his Dons (either #1 or #2) claims that libertarianism is
synonymous with Christianity, which amounts to one of the most incredible
manipulation of terms that I've seen in a long time.  Stay tuned for a
posting on this subject as well. 

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