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What Dale Courtney says and does has absolutely nothing to do with the
truth.  What he says and does depends strictly on who he is talking to and
what the circumstances are at that specific time and place.

A while back, when His Whineyness was posting to V2020, I introduced a
topic/phrase of which both Wilson and Courtney questioned its validity.  I
am here to say that the phrase that I introduced is not only valid, it is
indoctrinated into everything that Doug Wilson, Dale Courtney, Doug Jones,
and the others affiliated with Anselm House say and do: Situational Ethics.

And as situational ethics spreads like a cancer throughout everything of
which they establish a rapport, they best learn to love their enemies.  They
most certainly will not be able to trust their friends.

For these amoral beings to preach hate for an honorable, loving couple
simply because they share a common gender defies the very core of tolerance.
And yet these same amoral beings continue to throw stones from their glass

Take care, Moscow. 

Tom Hansen
I'm straight, but I'm not narrow.

We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some are
dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors....but they all
exist very nicely in the same box. 

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Dale writes:

"And I do try to be fair and honest; correct my mistakes; and give
reference to all the sources I cite. I do not find it "rude" or
"unchristian" not to back down from things that are right -- even when it
pokes a hole in someone's pet theories."

On April 28th, Dale, you wrote:

  "Don #2, 
      "Thanks for posting that link to Melinda's diatribe. 
      "And, yes, homosexual marriage is still illegal in Idaho. See: [link
to code deleted]
      "And while they may 'claim' to be married in Idaho [link to Daily
Evergreen article deleted], it's still illegal in both Idaho and
      "I wonder if Saundra and Rose will pursue such a blatant violation of
Idaho State Law with the ferocity that they persecute Christ Church? After
all, they are only doing their civil duties."

 But I didn't write the "diatribe" in question:  Joan Opyr was the author
of the piece.  You'll be correcting that?

Same-sex marriage is presently illegal in Idaho and Washington; I can't
have a state-recognized marriage.  But I have never claimed to be legally
married.  I have never attempted to get a marriage license, either
fradulently or as an act of civil disobedience.  In the Daily Evergreen
article you cite, I clearly differentiate between the legal contract of
marriage, from which Joan and I are excluded, and our religious union. 
State law doesn't regulate my religious practice, so my church wedding
didn't break the law.  Acknowledging that I am married by the standards of
my faith, although not of the state, isn't illegal either.  

You have falsely accused me of breaking Idaho law.  Can I expect a

Melynda Huskey

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