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Fri May 27 19:10:04 PDT 2005

Dale writes:

"And I do try to be fair and honest; correct my mistakes; and give
reference to all the sources I cite. I do not find it "rude" or
"unchristian" not to back down from things that are right -- even when it
pokes a hole in someone's pet theories."

On April 28th, Dale, you wrote:

  "Don #2, 
      "Thanks for posting that link to Melinda's diatribe. 
      "And, yes, homosexual marriage is still illegal in Idaho. See: [link
to code deleted]
      "And while they may 'claim' to be married in Idaho [link to Daily
Evergreen article deleted], it's still illegal in both Idaho and
      "I wonder if Saundra and Rose will pursue such a blatant violation of
Idaho State Law with the ferocity that they persecute Christ Church? After
all, they are only doing their civil duties."

 But I didn't write the "diatribe" in question:  Joan Opyr was the author
of the piece.  You'll be correcting that?

Same-sex marriage is presently illegal in Idaho and Washington; I can't
have a state-recognized marriage.  But I have never claimed to be legally
married.  I have never attempted to get a marriage license, either
fradulently or as an act of civil disobedience.  In the Daily Evergreen
article you cite, I clearly differentiate between the legal contract of
marriage, from which Joan and I are excluded, and our religious union. 
State law doesn't regulate my religious practice, so my church wedding
didn't break the law.  Acknowledging that I am married by the standards of
my faith, although not of the state, isn't illegal either.  

You have falsely accused me of breaking Idaho law.  Can I expect a

Melynda Huskey

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