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I also appreciated Rebecca's letter.

One point that I would make is that, for Christians, "charismatic" means 
something else entirely different from the secular and more common use of 
the word.  All of us agree that someone is "charismatic" when they're 
engaging, appealing, full of vigor, passion, intellect and all of those 
qualities that we sometimes call "leadership," only more -- with that 
"something" you can't define, but you know is there.  Something that makes 
people want to follow someone else, regardless of the morality of the ideas 

But for Christians, particularly conservative Christians, "charismatic" 
refers to someone who believes in the perpetuity of all of the spiritual 
gifts listed in the New Testament.  Most commonly, we think of someone who 
either speaks in tongues, or believes that tongues (and other evidences of 
the Spirit's "charisma," or gifting,) are still extant in the Church.  
Sometimes these folks are referred to as Neo-Pentecostals, Pentecostals, or 
Charismatics, and they are usually found more on the Arminian rather than 
the Calvinistic side that Christ Church and Doug  Wilson occupy, and very 
far away from their theological archenemies, fundamentalist baptists.

Obviously not all Christians are Charismatic, and I would be the first to 
tell you that an awful lot of us lack "charisma" in the secular sense as 
well, although I'm quite charming when not discussing bond levys.  But I 
always cringe, or snicker, when I hear people like Jerry Falwell, a staunch 
non-charismatic fundamentalist, referred to as "charismatic."  Not just 
because of the theological position he holds, but because 23 years ago I 
interviewed Falwell for the daily newspaper I worked for, and I was less 
than bowled over by his charm and congeniality, the sum of which could 
hardly fill a thimble.

As far as Doug Wilson's "charisma," I think that I could, charitably, come 
up with several more accurate words, but perhaps the one thing he and I 
would agree on is that he is in no way "Charismatic" as refers to the 
theological sense of the word, and if he does indeed possess some worldly 
"charisma," it's all the more sad that he uses it the way he does.


From: "Tom Hansen" <thansen at moscow.com>
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Subject: [Vision2020] Wilson is not 'charismatic'
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 16:20:38 -0700

 >From today's (May 27, 2005) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with a very special
"thumbs up" to Rebecca Rod.

Thank you, Rebecca.  It is nice to hear from another voice here in Moscow.

I realize that this may violate Dale Courtney's interpretation of copyright
law.  But, then, he is Dale Courtney and . . . well . . . you know.


Wilson is not 'charismatic'

I read Steve McClure's column in the May 21 & 22 Daily News regarding the
National Credibility Roundtable with interest, but found your statement,
"Since Doug Wilson is such a charismatic figure ..." to be pretty

It's not clear whose opinion this is - if it is yours personally, or
member(s) of the roundtable - but it's stated by you in a very factual way.
Granted, many leaders through the ages have been regarded as "charismatic,"
from Moses to Hitler and more, and history has shown us the beneficial and
damaging effects of such authoritative and dictatorial leaderships. But
using this very loaded term, without attribution, seems editorially
questionable. Especially when a majority of local folks would strongly
disagree with this characterization of Wilson.

Also, how "charismatic" can he be if, as your statement says, "Since Doug
Wilson is such a charismatic figure his opinion seemed to be the opinion of
Christ Church, which was most likely not the case." What sense does that
make? Why would a church body, a group of believers naming themselves after
Jesus Christ, want to keep such a person in power as their leader and
spokesperson if that body does not hold with the opinions of their loudest
and strongest voice? Do they really want to follow this man, or are they
powerless to change their situation?

Rebecca R. Rod, Moscow


I tend to agree with Ms. Rod.  His Whineyness is not charismatic.

Franklin Roosevelt had charisma.  John and Bobby Kennedy had charisma.
Barry Goldwater had charisma.  Bill Clinton has charisma.  Donovan's
inflatable girlfriend has charisma (kinda).

Doug Wilson does not have charisma.  What he has is maniacal egotism
compounded by an apparent lodging of his cranium deeply within his rectal

Take care, Moscow.

Tom Hansen

"What is objectionable, what is dangerous, about extremists is not that they
are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say
about their cause, but what they say about their opponents."

-- Robert F. Kennedy

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