[Vision2020] Wilson is not 'charismatic'

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>From www.dictionary.com


adj : possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; "a charismatic
leader"; "a magnetic personality" [syn: magnetic]

seems to me if a guy can get people to join his church, and hang around
a while (yes, I imagine some of them actually *like* being there), that
would make him somewhat charismatic.

I think most presidents (and purtnear any politician) would also fall
under that definition.

Using my brilliant and capable thinkin' brain,


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>From today's (May 27, 2005) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with a very
"thumbs up" to Rebecca Rod.

Thank you, Rebecca.  It is nice to hear from another voice here in

I realize that this may violate Dale Courtney's interpretation of
law.  But, then, he is Dale Courtney and . . . well . . . you know.


Wilson is not 'charismatic'

I read Steve McClure's column in the May 21 & 22 Daily News regarding
National Credibility Roundtable with interest, but found your statement,
"Since Doug Wilson is such a charismatic figure ..." to be pretty

It's not clear whose opinion this is - if it is yours personally, or
member(s) of the roundtable - but it's stated by you in a very factual
Granted, many leaders through the ages have been regarded as
from Moses to Hitler and more, and history has shown us the beneficial
damaging effects of such authoritative and dictatorial leaderships. But
using this very loaded term, without attribution, seems editorially
questionable. Especially when a majority of local folks would strongly
disagree with this characterization of Wilson. 

Also, how "charismatic" can he be if, as your statement says, "Since
Wilson is such a charismatic figure his opinion seemed to be the opinion
Christ Church, which was most likely not the case." What sense does that
make? Why would a church body, a group of believers naming themselves
Jesus Christ, want to keep such a person in power as their leader and
spokesperson if that body does not hold with the opinions of their
and strongest voice? Do they really want to follow this man, or are they
powerless to change their situation? 

Rebecca R. Rod, Moscow


I tend to agree with Ms. Rod.  His Whineyness is not charismatic.  

Franklin Roosevelt had charisma.  John and Bobby Kennedy had charisma.
Barry Goldwater had charisma.  Bill Clinton has charisma.  Donovan's
inflatable girlfriend has charisma (kinda).

Doug Wilson does not have charisma.  What he has is maniacal egotism
compounded by an apparent lodging of his cranium deeply within his

Take care, Moscow.

Tom Hansen

"What is objectionable, what is dangerous, about extremists is not that
are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say
about their cause, but what they say about their opponents."

-- Robert F. Kennedy

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