[Vision2020] RE: Dale Courtney

Scott Dredge sdredge at yahoo.com
Fri May 27 11:45:59 PDT 2005

My view is completely different from just about
everyone who has posted on this subject.  I think Dale
Courtney is actually a quite pleasant and reasonable
debater.  And yes, his blog is overly slanted to the
far right.  It's his blog.  I don't agree with many of
his opinions, but he clearly (to me) does not come
across rude.  I'm sure you can cite some anecdotal
evidence (v2020 and blog posts) that contradict my
statement, but I'm also sure you can find some pretty
vitriolic posts from me if you scanned the archives.

I like Dale.  I love Joan.  I'm not fond of Doug


--- eve wasframed <w_w_s_d_ at hotmail.com> wrote:

> It seems to me too much time and mental energy is
> wasted on Mr. Courtney. 
> Surely we have better things to do.  Has anyone
> looked outside yet?  It's 
> beautiful out there!  Take a break and get a cup of
> coffee at One World 
> Cafe.  Discuss your views amongst the crowd that
> knows and loves you well - 
> and likes you anyway :)
> Dale Courtney has his viewpoints and opinions, just
> like the rest of us.  I 
> do not think he is the best spokesman for his church
> and quite honestly, 
> probably contributes to their negative publicity. 
> Something to keep in mind 
> when discussing NSA in general.
> Any other NSA members out there have a viewpoint
> you'd like to share?  Don't 
> let Dale be your voice, you are good Christians I'm
> sure, speak up for 
> yourself if you feel differently.
> Until then, let's enjoy the sunshine and keep our
> hearts light.
> Bless you all,

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