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Hello Julie:

Anyone on the web can go to:


and see the archives of Vision2020 which should have every Vision2020 post 
for years back accessible.

Here are the first two hits from a simple Google web search using my name 
"ted moffett"

Ted Moffett on Pacifism
... Ted Moffett on Pacifism. Ted Moffett writes:. What amazes me, has always 
me, since I was a teeny tiny person, is how this moral directive is so ...
right-mind.us/archive/2004/11/04/560.aspx - 43k - Cached - Similar pages 
> Ted Moffett's Paranoia
> ... Ted Moffett's Paranoia. Ted Moffet posted an article called “I smell a 
> Rat”.
> Ted, how do you reply to Anne Applebaum's post about having faith in ATMs, 
> ...
> right-mind.us/archive/2004/11/17/678.aspx - 42k - Cached - Similar pages 

As you can see, both of these hits are from Dale's web site where he used 
Vision2020 posts I authored to create or attempt to create discussion on his 

I can only conclude Dale is desperate to draw others to his site, so he must 
steal controversy, as it were, from Vision2020.

Below is a forwarded Vision2020 post I sent recently about Dale Courtney's 
web site that generated zero comments on the Vision2020 list. 

Subj:   [Vision2020] Dale Courtney's Oversimplifications    
Date:   5/21/2005 9:48:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time  
From:   Tbertruss at aol.com   
To: dmcourtn at moscow.com, vision2020 at moscow.com  
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Mr. Dale Courtney et. al.

Shortly after last fall's presidential election, I posted to V2020 an article 
about the possibility of voting fraud and/or tampering.  I consider this a 
nonpartisan issue that anyone who cares in the slightest bit about the integrity 
of the electoral process would wish to see explored and exposed.  I merely 
posted the article, without writing any text, just signing my name.

So how does Dale Courtney respond?  He places on his web site a post in bold 
font announcing "Ted Moffett's Paranoia," suggesting that I respond to another 
article about computer systems and paper trails.

Regardless of the facts and arguments on the issue of computerized voting, 
what kind of morality is behind placing on a public web site a derogatory 
statement about the psychology of someone you don't know who was merely making 
information available about a critical issue?  If Dale did not post the statement 
in question, perhaps he needs to moderate the content on his website?  But my 
best guess is that this statement was authored by him.

When I first discovered this juvenile and rude conduct on his web site, I 
decided to ignore it.

But today I found more nonsense on Mr. Courtney's web site.  Apparently, he 
feels a need to lump together under the words "left" and/or "lefty" a large 
group of people with widely varying views on government.  Dale wrote in answer to 
a Joan Opry V2020 post:

"First, I'm not Faul, or Stigmatta, or Fiat, or... That's not me. No need. I 
don't play "hide-and-seek" games. I sign everything that's mine. 20 years in 
the navy teaches one to have a backbone/spine. So don't assign the methods of 
the Left (Ivan Brewski, Art Deco, JeanC, Captain Kirker, R2 Privacy, Shelly, 
Tbertruss, DPQ, hayfields, LRR, Nebar, Wocsom, etc) onto someone who behaves 
right (pun intended). Go look somewhere else for your bogeymen.

As I said previously, I do find it the height of hypocrisy that the Left 
doesn't get bent out of shape when Lefties are anonymous. But let someone they 
don't agree with try and be anonymous? Ah! The intolerance of the Tolerant. I've 
come to expect nothing less."

First off, Mr. Courtney, you need to follow the V2020 list more closely if 
you are going to assume all those on the "left" are one group that marches in 
lock step.  Tom Hansen, no doubt in your mind one of those nefarious members of 
the "left," once chided on V2020 yours truly for not signing a V2020 post.  So 
in fact on V2020 a "lefty" chided a fellow "lefty" (this designation is only 
in Mr. Courtney's mind, because I do not describe myself as a "lefty" or a 
member of the "left") for not signing a V2020 post.  I argued once on V2020 that 
perhaps not signing a V2020 post with a "real" name can in some cases be 
justified.  Bill London, another individual I suspect you would label "leftist," 
argued otherwise.   

I have occasionally not signed a V2020 post when using my AOL e-mail address 
"tbertruss," but I nearly always do.  I am not trying to hide behind 
"tbertruss."  Everyone who follows V2020 knows that "Art Deco" is Wayne Fox, and 
"Nebar" is Jasper Nance.  The V2020 posts by these individuals do not represent a 
deliberate attempt to hide their identity, as Dale Courtney implied.

"Faul," "Sigmatta" and "Fiat" were attempting to hide their identities from 
the V2020 list, as far as I know.

Who is looking for "bogeymen," as Dale Courtney wrote in response to Joan 
Opry?  It seems Dale Courtney's stereotyping oversimplifying views of this large 
and varied group of individuals he regards as being members of the "left" 
qualify these "Lefty's" as his own "bogeymen."

Perhaps Mr. Courtney is so enamored of marching in lock step utilizing a form 
of "group think" that he projects this manner of thinking onto those he 
imagines oppose him.

I will let the immortal words of Dale Courtney written to Joan Opry on Mr. 
Courtney's web site express what I think about his statement "Ted Moffett's 

"So instead of trying to project your bias and venom on someone you don't 
know, why don't you go do something useful." 

Links to the info on Dale Courtney's web site mentioned above:





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