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Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Thu May 26 08:53:37 PDT 2005


Anything you say on Vision2020 is open to the public
and public domain. But even worse, it does not even
really matter. Someone can say you said something that
you did not even say and it would be legal. The only
thing you could do is hire a lawyer and sue for
damages. Or do the same back to them.

Tom Trail last year during his campaign took
statements from people on Vision 2020 and elsewhere,
changed the wording and context, and then posted them
in ads and on the radio giving the appearance people
endorsed him that did not. A rather sneaky and
dishonest thing to do, but that was just fine with the

Take Care,

Donovan J Arnold

--- Julie C <joodge at hotmail.com> wrote:


Good Morning.
My brother brought to my attention this morning that a
posting of mine, which I believed was only available
to those subscribing to vision2020, had been cut and
pasted into a web blog of Dale Courtney's.  This was
done without my knowledge.  While this may be legal,
and I may have given up my right to privacy by posting
on this list, it is still very sketchy and creepy and
gives me the willies. I do not want my name anywhere
on his website. If I did, I would have posted it there
myself. (I do not associate with his organization or
any of the Christ Church organizations. In my message,
I was only defending my alma mater like a good

Is there something that can be done to stop this?? I
feel violated and kind of grossed out. I do not
regularly post my last name on messages for my
security, as I am a single woman in my mid twenties. 
My full name was, however, posted on Dale Courtney's
website. I feel, as Joan Opyr said, "blogstalked".


Julie C.


*~*The real voyage of discovery consists not in
seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.*~* 

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