[Vision2020] Dale Courtney: Put this in your pipe and smoke it!

Timothy Rigsby timo5277 at uidaho.edu
Thu May 26 07:54:07 PDT 2005

While reading this mornings Idaho Statesman newspaper, the local Boise paper, I
discovered yet again the superiority of public schools over our infamous Logos Knights.
Boise High School, my alma mater, and Timberline High School, a school that is only
a few years old, were recognized for their high academic achievement as being amongst
the top 1000 high schools in the US.

Now these are not private schools, nor are they classical christian schools, they are
honest to god public schools funded by government monies, aka government school.

So those of Moscow who damn the public school system, maybe you should reconsider.  
Here is a novel idea, why don't Dale, Jack, Doug, and all the other public school 
opponents move their kids to Boise and attend Timberline, would not cost as much as
Logos I bet.  (The reason I chose Timberline was because I would hate for all of my
former teachers and administrators to have to deal with the whine coming from the CC

Here are a couple of quotes from the article for Dale to digest.

"Boise ranked No. 395. Timberline, No. 1,000. NO OTHER IDAHO HIGH SCHOOLS MADE 
THE LIST. Boise and Timberline competed against 27,468 schools across the country."  
Emphasis Added.

Oh did I mention that Logos was not listed as being one of the top schools?

"Boise High, widely regarded as one of the best academic high schools in the
state . . ." 

Best academic high school, I thought Dale made that claim about Logos, weird.

The full Statesman article can be found here:

The Newsweek information can be found here:

Hope this helps you sleep at night Dale, I know I will sleep better thinking about
how great my government education actually is.

Tim Rigsby
Boise Government School, Class of 2000

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