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Hi Again Kai,

I've got a couple of questions/comments for you  :-)

First, you wrote:
"2. Mr. Leons and the massage school are "for profit" enterprises. NSA is

What is the basis for your statement that NSA isn't "for profit"?   I've
been looking for *factual* evidence to support that assertion for awhile now
and haven't found it.  Indeed, quite to the contrary, the more I've looked,
the more questions I have.

I'm certainly not an expert, but it appears to me that NSA was *organized*
as a non-profit.  However, other than its own self-assertion, I've not seen
one scintilla of evidence that shows NSA *operates* as a non-profit.
Certainly, NSA isn't a 501(c)(3) because it refuses to apply for such
status:  they want the benefit of being *perceived* to be non-profit without
the concomitant responsibilities and obligations that come with being a
legitimate non-profit.  I believe an *objective* examination of it's
operations gives credible reason to question whether or not its operating to
benefit private interests.

So, if you've got information that settles the question of whether or not
NSA is, in fact, non-profit, ***please*** share.

Second, you wrote:
"There was no outcry about NSA moving into the downtown area, the outcry
only happened after Wilson's book came out."

Sorry . . . you've got a chronology problem with the above:  Wilson's SSAIW
came out, I believe, in 1996, while NSA didn't move into its current
location until ***7+/- years*** later.

Besides, even if you didn't have the chronology wrong, I'm not so sure it
matters.  I'd bet you dollars to doughnuts that 90+% of the community didn't
know that NSA's decision to move to the CB zoning district was in violation
of our laws, and I'd bet you more dollars to doughnuts that 95+% of our
community didn't know NSA has a history of disregarding the zoning
regulations the rest of us follow.

Surely you're not implying that anyone sneaky enough to get away with
breaking the law should escape accountability and consequences, are you?

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do
Edmund Burke

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Joan, I would have expected better of you.
You've resorted to name calling now? Gee, when I was on the speech/debate
team in high school and college, I would have been granted the win.
That aside, let me state I am not cowed by the current fashion of attacking
people personally when one doesn't agree with a view. When it happens, it is
nothing more than a desperate act of emotion rather than reason.
I am veiwing the proceedings of the "NSA problem" from a "common sense"
point of view. And common sense says that people are "splitting hairs". The
ONLY differences between the other schools and NSA are:
1. Mr. Leons and the massage school are "doing business" as schools. NSA is
recognized as a school.
2. Mr. Leons and the massage school are "for profit" enterprises. NSA is
3. NSA is a religious school, the others aren't.
There was no outcry about NSA moving into the downtown area, the outcry only
happened after Wilson's book came out. Then there was a HUGE backlash,
including vandalism to a coffee shop owned by a CC member. Since then the
over-riding battle cry has been "Get them out!" "Not on the Palouse, not
now, not ever!" "They are a cult!"
The zoning issue turned out to be NSA's achilles heel and, thus, has been
used as a legal means of countering Wilson's views without seeming to be a
part of the frenzy. Thinly veiled, but effective.
Of course the most obvious defense to that is. "but I'm a (your church here)
member". As if a Christian wouldn't attack a Christian. Ummmmm sorry,
history doesn't bear that out.
I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday. This is an ideological
battle, pure and simple.
Call it what you want, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a

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