[Vision2020] This Just In

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri May 20 18:09:02 PDT 2005

Y'all are really struggling with the word "No", aintcha?

So, let me put in other terms.  

It is growing painstakingly apparent that y'all are confusing me with some
poor slob that actually gives a frig.

Let's clear this up right here, right now.


Enough said.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

PS - Please don't call me "Tom".  This tends to "flavor" our communications
with a false sense of camaraderie.  It just isn't so.  You don't hang out
with my friends and I certainly don't hang out with yours.

"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a
garage makes you a mechanic."

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Hey Tom,
    If you want a copy of Plaskon's original ruling in NSA's favor, I'm 
sure I could swing one for you. Though I think Ben wouldn't want to give 
it up unless you burn him cd. If that doesn't work, we might be able to 
throw in a brownie. Cheers.


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