[Vision2020] Response to Ben Merkle

Timothy Rigsby timo5277 at uidaho.edu
Fri May 20 10:47:40 PDT 2005


Go ahead, file your complaint against the Alternative High School.  Do your civic duty,
be concerned for the wellness of our city.  While your at it, file complaints against
the UI for tax exempt status, the MSD for tax exempt status, and the Unitarian Church 
or any other church in town for the same tax exempt status.  See what happens when NSA,
CC, Logos, or any other ministry continues to file complaints with the city/county and
then follow those complaints with something like, "I don't want to see the Co-Op not be
able to move, I love the Co-Op, I think it is a great fit for the new location." 

Every time one of Doug's minions files the complaint and then comes out with a quote
saying that they would rather not file the complaint just shows the intent of the 
individual.  Pay backs are a bitch.  

Lets continue this never ending struggle between groups in town by tying up the already
low city/county budget with complaints that hold no merit, but also do not reflect the
things that are good in this town.

Should NSA be allowed to have a college> Sure, but not downtown.  Why, well those
reasons are pretty evident.  Downtown is not the place for a school, downtown is a
place for business.  I don't care how much financial impact NSA students have on 
downtown merchants.  NSA should exist because of the ideals of a free society, but what
is wrong with another location, something a little more accomodating than the limited
space downtown corridor?  How about the old Tidyman's building?  Why doesn't CC and NSA
pool their gambling money and purchase that space?  Hold classes Monday through Friday,
and church on Sunday.  Hell, you could probably by some land right next door and build
a premiere lacrosse field too.  

So Ben, go ahead and file a complaint against UI, MSD, and all the churches in town,
then sit back and see what happens.  I have a theory that it won't be something

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