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Thu May 19 23:08:54 PDT 2005

Ordinarily, I would offer Donovan the courtesy of a private answer to his  
queening little fit.  This time, however, I intend to make my response  just as 
public as his post.  I encourage those of tender sensibilities to  delete this 
message now.  For bolder souls, read on, knowing that I have  had it up to my 
eyebrows with Donovan's petulant, ill-considered,  pseudo-pedantic tirades -- 
tirades which range from school bond levies  to the accreditation status of 
NSA to the Moscow City code.  To  characterize Donovan's grasp of the facts as 
ignorant belligerence would  be kind.  
I am generally inclined to overlook Donovan's sorry  intellectual failings, 
or to pity them, depending  on my current level of compassion and his current 
level of buffoonery.  Tonight, he has gone a  bridge too far, and consequently 
he will receive neither pity nor  compassion.  He'll get what he so richly 
deserves, and has been  begging for; a big fat helping of the plain, unadorned  
truth.   I hope it gags him.
My husband and I are blessed beyond measure to have children and  
grandchildren who choose to share our home.  We glory in our living  arrangements, 
valuing the intergenerational family, cooperation, and the  loving support that we 
provide one another.  We appreciate Joan's and  Melynda's willingness to put up 
with us, to laugh with us (and about us),  and the unique opportunities we 
have to teach and learn from their  children.  We are also blessed to have 
another daughter, her husband,  and their three children living less than a hundred 
yards away on an  adjoining piece of property.  They, too, are very much a 
part of the  joy and grace of our daily lives.  We know how fortunate we are to 
have  children who generously and voluntarily share their lives with us.
Be very clear Donovan (and lurking Kirkers) that you are welcome to take me  
on anytime you think you are up to the job, but be on notice: you'd better 
learn  to tell the truth and present verifiable facts in any argument you are  
attempting to make.  I am more than happy to let your  monumental egos expose 
you for what you are -- liars, hypocrites, and  morons.   (Note: if you want to 
kick my ass, boys, pack a lunch.   I assure you, it's an all-day job.  And 
when your leg is tired I  will (metaphorically speaking) finish the job by drop 
kicking you from here  to next Sunday.)  
But don't you ever, by which I mean never,  make the mistake of thinking that 
you can make personal attacks on any  member of my family without taking me 
on, too.  And, if you do have a brain  in your empty, ill-educated little heads 
you just won't go there.
Rose Huskey
"One cannot  level one's moral lance at every evil in the universe. There are 
just too many  of them. But you can do something, and the difference between 
doing something  and doing nothing is everything." Daniel Berrigan

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