[Vision2020] "No free meal, whatever...?

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You had to buy that frying pan, Ted.  Or the knife for slicing up those

And the hiking shoes you were wearing, along with your clothes.  Unless
you were going full on au naturel . . .

I've asked too much . . . Don't answer . . . Please!


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Debbie et. al.

Debbie wrote:

> Remember, there is no free ride, free meal, whatever =)
> Debbie

"no free meal, whatever...?"

So who was billed for that huge serving of delicious wonderful wild
forest mushrooms I ate cooked over a small campfire fueled by a few
dried out tree branches?

And all along I thought this meal was a gift from the Goddess of Mother

The Capitalists who want to redefine everything in Mother Nature as a
resource they can extract and profit from have been more astonishingly
successful in their propaganda efforts than I thought!

So to whom and where was the bill sent for my meal that I thought was

Ted Moffett

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