[Vision2020] NSA: The New Art School of the West

Timothy Rigsby timo5277 at uidaho.edu
Sat May 14 01:20:21 PDT 2005


Could you please clarify for me how NSA can be considered a Trade School because of 

“School, Commercial. A program whereby instruction is
given to pupils in arts, crafts or trades and operated
as a commercial enterprise.” 

Reading that description of a Commercial or Trade school as you put it, does not seem
to fit NSA based upon the course descriptions provided from the NSA website.


Check the course descriptions out and show me where Art is mentioned as being something
taught at NSA.  http://www.nsa.edu/news/catalog/16courses.pdf

I guess it is late and I could be confused because of lack of sleep, but do us a favor
and make your explanation on how NSA fits into one of the three types of schools 
recognized by the Moscow City Code a little clearer, especially on the Art idea.

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