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Chris Storhok cstorhok at co.fairbanks.ak.us
Thu May 12 18:56:46 PDT 2005

I know I will get nuked by you water extremists for what I about to write
but I feel very strongly that this proposed ordinance is based on fear and
ignorance and certainly not science, reason, basic free market principles,
and representative government - all of which are theoretical principles of
this nation that we live in.
  First off, to ban mining on the Canfield-Rogers deposit (a world renowned
kaolin deposit) is extreme.  The entire deposit lies in this zone and would
be off limits to everyone from the Naylors to artists who may want the fine
clay for pottery.   The deposit has been successfully mined off and on for
110 years and has produced clays that were used in the bricks to build
Moscow, fine tiles in buildings around the US, fine porcelain china, and so
forth.  The deposit is one of the premier kaolin deposits in the US and to
out and out stop any future mining from it is extreme.  The anti-mining bias
of this committee shows and it is really ashamed that they are using fear of
water shortages to stop any future mining activities.  Mining should be a
conditioned use.  This same area may have sand and gravel deposits as well
that are commercially viable.  Again, only extremists who do not are afraid
to understand something, or are so prejudiced that they are unwilling to
understand or even reason with someone promote these types of bans.  For
members of a university town to promote such a ridiculous action amazes me
(the alternative is that Michael Savage is right - who really wants that).  
This same proposed ordinance will ban dairies, again there was a long
history of dairies in the county; past markets have forced their closure,
but who is to say that a change in markets will not again favor smaller
local dairies (organic wholesome Palouse milk? - no chance if this thing

I would suggest that all these so prohibited uses be placed in the
conditional use category.  If a proposed conditional use cannot meet the
standards then it will not happen anyway.    

5.02.08 dictates what type of lawn a homeowner should have, how you
landscape the yard, the need for a landscape irrigation system and much to
my amazement even goes so far as to direct what type of washing machine must
be used by a homeowner.  This is absolutely gone way to far and is clearly
authoritarian and (and God forbid I use this phrase but I cannot help it)
un-American in its approach.  

I would strongly suggest that this committee wait until the nature of the
aquifer is better understood through the study grant that the County will
receive from IDWR before asking the county to adopt this ordinance.  

It really is ashamed that such fear has taken over what should be a
community open to logical reasoned discussions.  If there is one thing I
learned, a open public discussion where all parties can present testimony,
facts, opinion, rebuttal and the like is far superior to outright
prohibitions and bans.  I really hope that those of you who are still
reacting to the Naylor Farm proposal, issues surrounding the aquifer, and
growth/sprawl can take a step back for a minute from your positions and
honestly ask yourselves is your position based on facts or just plain fear
and prejudice.  

Have a wonderful evening,


Chris Storhok  

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As many of you know, the Latah County Board of Commissioners adopted an
emergency land use ordinance March 2, 2005 titled "Moscow Sub-basin
Groundwater Management Overlay Zone".  Following the adoption of this
emergency ordinance, the Board appointed a 7 member taskforce, representing
a variety of backgrounds and interests, to develop a permanent ordinance. 

This taskforce has formulated a rough pre-draft of the ordinance and wants
to receive public comment on this draft before formulating a rough draft
that will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and, eventually, the Board
of County Commissioners for public hearings.

This document, and the associated map, can be located at:
http://www.latah.id.us/    To get to the ordinance and the map, scroll down
a bit and two links titled "Draft Land Use Ordinance for the Moscow
Sub-basin Region" and "Proposed Moscow Sub-basin Area, including the
watershed/hydrology (HUCS), the areas with exposed bedrock, and the areas
between 2700-2900 feet in elevation showing steam locations" are located at
the bottom of a gray box titled "Commissioners Enact Emergency Land Use
Ordinance".  Click on those links to see the document and map.

To submit comments, send an e-mail to pb at latah.id.us or write to the task
force at:  Latah County Taskforce, Department of Planning and Building, P.O.
Box 8068, Moscow, Idaho, 83843.  If you have questions, call the Planning
and Building Department at 883-7220.  Comments are welcome at anytime,
however, submission of comments prior to June 13th, 2005 would be very
helpful in the development of this ordinance.

The next scheduled meeting for the taskforce is Monday, June 13th, 2005, in
Room 2-B of the Latah County Courthouse.

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