[Vision2020] charles nolan publishers

Bill Moore bmoore at fsr.com
Fri May 6 11:43:59 PDT 2005

Someone out there (apparently in Seattle area) has the Sober.P or SoberUp worm.  They also have
several local email addresses in their address book, including the vision2020 and CharlesNolanPublishers
addresses.  This worm propagates by randomly choosing address book email addresses and uses one 
address for the To: field and another randomly chosen address for the From: field.  The message appears
as if its coming from Mr. Nolan but is not.
V2020 caught and killed the post sent to the list.  But if your email address is in the infected computer's 
address book, and if your virus protection software does not catch it, you too may see the message.  
Don't open it, just throw it away.
Bill Moore
First Step Internet


From: vision2020-bounces at moscow.com [mailto:vision2020-bounces at moscow.com] On Behalf Of Kit Craine
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Subject: [Vision2020] charles nolan publishers

I just received a virus infected, unsolicited email from "Charles Nolan Publishers", which appears to be a Christian publisher
located in Moscow.

I've never heard of this outfit. Anyone know anything about it?

Kit Craine

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