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Wed May 4 14:27:31 PDT 2005

Sunil and all,

Good question regarding who I represent as a trustee for Zone 2 -- so here's 
my answer:

First, I have to stay true to my convictions.  Fortunately, those don't seem 
too terribly out of line with those of many people in my zone, which is 
roughly Hwy 8 to Blaine to "D" Street and on eastward, an area encompassing 
much, if not most, of Moscow's new construction as well as Lena and McDonald 
elementaries and the Joseph Street property.

I believe I understand the interests of those in my area, but I have no 
doubt that I should serve the entire community -- even if only Zone 2 
residents can vote for or against me -- and so I will always work hard for 
what I think is best for all of Moscow's schoolchildren.  I want suitable 
facilities for every public school kid in Moscow, regardless of where they 
live or how much political power their parents have, especially over my 
future as a trustee.

Pretty simple, really, but undoubtedly not enough for some.  Oh, well.


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