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Just to interject here, Joan. I talked with Dave Trail at the open house. FACE TO FACE about the fence issue. He told me all it has to be is a cheap chain link fence. Once again folks, I told Dave Trail there is no cheap chain link. So yes, I was in contact with Dave Trail. Maybe it slipped his mind. I also asked him to sign a 30 year agreement that he would not rezone his acreage to residential. How many times do I have to say this. I don't think Tom Trail is as much an interested party as Dave is. Now you notice they are "donating" the "cheap chain link fence." Cause it is not cheap! So  - who is the lyer here?

Again, the Trails ought to go ahead and develop their land. Make their millions. I do not begrudge you one drop. But to be able to develop all t hat acreage they are gonna have to set aside some land for schools K-12 and some park land. How many times do I have to say this. Let them pay for their own infrastructure at their own cost. Make their millions off their own dime. How many times do i have to say this.

You all have Masters and PHD's. Is my english language too complicated for you?


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> Mike Curley writes:
> "2.  The Trail Property--Part I.  I don't know Dave Trail, never met him to
> my knowledge, so I hope he will forgive me for playing along with you and
> hypothesizing with your comments.  Let's suppose that the Trails were
> really all along intending to develop their land around the HS site.  Now
> it would have been misleading or maybe a flat out lie to say they intended
> to keep farming wouldn't it?  That's what I think you are alleging . . . "
> I'm sorry to truncate your post, Mike, as what I think you have to say is
> important.  I just want to interject that I know both Tom and Dave Trail. 
> I've corresponded with Tom for several years now, and I've spoken with Dave
> at length on the telephone.  It's my hope that Tom won't mind me sharing
> with the list one pertinent fact: at no time during all of this outrageous,
> rude, and insulting brouhaha over the Trail family's offer to gift 30 of
> the 40 acres for a new high school did any of the Trails' most vocal (and
> vociferous) critics ever bother to contact Dave or Tom to verify
> information or to ask questions.  Now, we're not talking about Howard
> Hughes and Greta Garbo; Tom and Dave Trail are not hard to reach.  Tom
> posts his legislative updates to this list, and both brothers are listed in
> the Moscow phone book.  Tom has always been quick to answer my questions
> (and unfailingly courteous and polite in so doing) and Dave is a very nice
> fellow to chat with on the phone.
> God knows I wish no further misery on the Trail family -- having been
> kicked from hell to breakfast for the crime of offering to give land to the
> Moscow school district has brought them woes aplenty -- but if Phil wants
> to know if his various conspiracy theories have any merit, perhaps he might
> start by emailing Tom or calling Dave and simply asking.  I'm sure he won't
> believe what he hears (who knows if he can hear?) but surely that would be
> a more logical course of action than continuing to pelt this list with his
> increasingly wild theories about the JFK/Grassy Knoll/UFO/Crop
> Circle/Trail-Mix High School.
> Note to Tom and Dave Trail: I'm sorry, guys.  I really am.  Just remember
> to use your delete key and your caller ID.  Heaven knows I use mine!
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