[Vision2020] Some Adolescent Humor and This Sunday's Radio Show

Kit Craine kcraine at moscow.com
Thu Mar 31 10:07:19 PST 2005


Thanks for the link. I tried it. Not only did I get disconnected from 
my dial-up, it screwed up my Airport to the point where I had to do a 
hard-reboot. Perhaps warnings of dire consequences are needed.

Kit Craine.

On Mar 31, 2005, at 8:49 AM, Joan Opyr wrote:

> Dear Visionaries,
> As expected, Dale our perpetual blog-stalker once again rose to the 
> bait.  (You'd think that having been hooked and released already, he'd 
> have learned his lesson.  But nooooo . . . )  Consequently, though, 
> I've changed my mind about his blah-g.  In the past, I've 
> largely ignored it, responding only when someone else has pointed out 
> that they think I need to address some piece of disinformation, some 
> egregious factual error, or something out of which I might make cheap 
> but amusing hay.  Now, however, I consider Dale's blah-g a must-read: 
> http://right-mind.us. 
>  Brother Carl and I will be addressing Dale's nonsense regarding the 
> upcoming school levy on this Sunday's show, 5-7 pm, KRFP Moscow, 92.5 
> FM, but in the meantime, I must tell you that Dale has objected to my 
> characterization of him as a trout rising to a dry fly.  He says he is 
> not a trout; I am  Captain Ahab and he is Moby Dick.  Okay.  I'm 
> willing to own up to being Captain Ahab (what the hell?) but Dale is 
> Moby Dick?  Right.  I'll believe that when I receive a jpeg of said 
> "Moby Dick," and not one that's been Photoshopped.  There will also 
> need to be something in the foreground for size comparison, say, an 
> Austin Mini Cooper.  Oh, and I'll also need at least three signed 
> affidavits: one from Mrs. Dale, one from a qualified urologist, and 
> one from Bob at Enzyte. 
>  Until then, I'll only note that I've seen Dale in person on a number 
> of occasions, usually tap-tapping away on his laptop at School 
> Board meetings, and he has very . . . small . . . feet.  (You do walk 
> into these things, Dale.  It's not only trout that rise at this time 
> of year; it's also sap.)
> Yours sincerely,
> Auntie Establishment
> PS: This letter was signed by three other people: I. M. Laffin, A. T. 
> Yore, & Jenny Talia.
> PPS: Brother Carl and I will be taking phone calls on this Sunday's 
> show (892-9200) and, if you support the facilities levy, we'll put 
> your call on the air.  If you don't support the levy, we'll be hanging 
> up on you.  Sound unfair?  Sound unbalanced?  It is!  We are unfair 
> and unbalanced, just as we promised when we began our show back in 
> January.  Don't like it?  Don't listen.  Or, better yet, apply to KRFP 
> and get your own show.  I understand that a couple of DJ slots are 
> open.  The two a.m. to four a.m. shows are always so hard to fill . . 
> .   
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