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Sun Mar 13 12:26:44 PST 2005

Mark et. al.

Mark wrote:

"If your were to take it in the simplest of general terms, he talks the

If the above quote refers to Doug Wilson's blog that was posted to V2020 
about the Atlanta courtroom murders, I don't agree "he talks the truth."

The general drift of Wilson's opinion appears to be that it is "folly" to 
allow women to serve as guards, that this "folly" is due to the "mind-numbing 
stubbornness of the
current PC codes."

I will assume that speed, strength and agility are issues in deciding who 
should guard prisoners.  This would apply equally to women and men.  There are 
many women who can kick 99% of the male population's a**.  These women can serve 
as guards just as competently as many men can, indeed better than many men 
who still view women as "weak."

A weak male could have been overpowered just as well as a weak female. 

Therefore "in the simplest of general terms" Wilson does NOT speak the truth, 
if the point of his blog entry was to suggest in general terms that it is 
"folly" to allow women to serve as guards in law enforcement.

Ted Moffett
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