[Vision2020] Kai Eiselein is dazed and confused

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Fri Mar 11 14:33:21 PST 2005

While Ringo Starr may have been great in "Caveman", Barbara Bach was better. 
  She was solid.                                                             
Westberg Jr.

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>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Kai Eiselein is dazed and confused
>Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 14:15:10 -0800
>Kai "The Musical Abomination" Eiselein writes:
>"Since I declined all the bong hits as a teen, I'll add Janis Joplin and 
>Dylan to my worst list as well. McCarntey was soooo much better solo and 
>Ringo was great in 'Caveman.'"
>That's it -- I will meet you at dawn in Friendship Square and slap you with 
>a Big Brother & The Holding Company album until you retract this blasphemy. 
>  McCartney better solo?  Have you actually listened to that THING he wrote 
>and sang for the Bond film Live and Let Die?  Apart from that grammatical 
>nightmare of a lyric, "in this ever-changing world in which we live in," 
>this dreadful dreck goes on nearly as long as the truly great Stairway to 
>Heaven or Bohemian Rhapsody.  And as for Band on the Run or Let Her In or 
>his collaborations with Michael Jackson . . . ahhhh!  You lie, Kai!  No one 
>could have listened to any of that stuff having, as you put it, "declined 
>the bong hits."  You need the bong hits.  In fact, this is methadone music. 
>  This is the soundtrack for "Scared Straight."  This is what they play 
>when you die and go to either Horseshoe Bend or Hell.
>Janis, Bob, cover your ears and sing la-la-la-la-la-not-listening very 
>loudly while I put the evil eye on this boy.  (It takes me longer now than 
>it used to, thanks to my astigmatism.)
>Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment
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