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Trish Chamberlain plummorrelli at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 20:51:49 PST 2005

Hello Vision 2020 readers,
My name is Trish Chamberlain and this is my first venture into this list.  Vision 2020 was brought to my attention yesterday by my sister, because of a discussion that has been taking place.  My sister told me that I should let everyone know that I am not a member of Christ Church nor do I personally know Doug Wilson. (After reading the archives I can see why this is important).    I am writing because of the disscussion over the Dickinson divorce that has become a public matter.  I believe that there are two sides to every story(actually three if you count the truth).  My story begins last June  when I met the hurricane that is Marney Dickinson.  Marney appeared at my door at 6:00 in the morning pounding on my door demanding to speak to my husband,  when I asked my husband who was at the door he replied it was the Lady he had met at his job the previous week, he was hoping she would just go away.  I opened the door and asked her what she needed she said she needed to talk t!
 o my
 husband, I told her that was not possible but maybe I could help her out.  She proceeded to tell me that he was her husband and that she had met him 15 years ago in nigeria.  When I tried to explain to her that this was wrong she tried to push her way into my house were by now my two children had been woken up.  I asked her to leave again this time she put her foot in my door upon her doing this I shoved her backwards and locked my door...She continued pounding for a few more minutes and then she left.  I called the police and they came out when I told them what had happened and described the woman to them they both knew who she was and they told me she was harmless and not to worry.   They told me I could not get a restraining order against her because it was not a domestic issue  but I could trespass her from my house...  That same day she went to my husbands job to see him and to talk with him  she was trespassed from there.   Two days later my husband recieved letters f!
 rom her
 at his job where she told him numerous ways that he could kill me and she could have her husband sent away to switzerland.  Once again the police were called and once again I was told that because she had a mental illness there was nothing I could do.  I understand Mental illness  I have a child with a panic disorder as well as a child with bi-polar issues, but I am responsible for them no one appears to be responsible for her.  This woman has caused my children extreme grief.  I wish I could say that this was over but it is not,  we are currently experiencing the hurricane in full force, she will not leave my family alone.  Maybe there is much more to this divorce than what has been reported, maybe Marney is not just an innocent person here.  Maybe the divorce was ordered so that no one close to her has to be responsible.  I just want her to leave my family alone, we are the innocent ones.

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