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Thank you for taking the time to bring this to my attention. THE UNIVERSITY NEEDS TO STAY IN THE EDUCATION BUSINESS. PERIOD. It doesn't belong in housing. It doesn't belong in the bar/pub business and their food court where you have major chains selling food should not be property tax exempt. For which they are. I will once again mention the Mall. The University is making a profit on the land that they lease to the mall. The same as any landlord that has to pay property taxes. There is NO EDUCATION going on over there. They need to pay property taxes.

The ASUI has not done an investigation on the Vandal Taxi and why it's failure. Just so you know, I am speaking from authority, many of you may remember it, I pissed away 14k dollars learning my lesson with the CJ's bus to give Vandals and WSU students a ride to CJ's and back. In the course of nine months of operation, 85 people got on. What we have learned is that 99% of the students of UoI WALK!!!! DOWNTOWN!!!!! TO THE PUBS!!!!! There is absolutely no need for a Vandal Taxi. You put a Pub on campus you will definetely be bankrupting us, since we are all operating marginally with the high cost of insurance, property taxes, labor, workman's comp, city tax, county tax, liquor tax. You can also call any beer distributors and find out that this year and last year sales are down for all the bars. Why? Because they are buying their beer at the grocery store and taking it home, on campus to drink. UoI cannot even enforce their no drinking on campus rule now. How would they be able!
enforce the regulations of a bar.

Your Vandal Taxi failed because everyone walks. Not to mention, it has been a very warm winter.

One more thing. WSU is buying the land that Shakers and Valhalla are on for the sole reason to get rid of them. They are too close to the University and perpetuate problems. And UoI wants to put one on campus? Helllllooooooo!!!!!


Phil Roderick

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Subject: [Spam] UI going to add an on-campus Pub?

> Phil and community,
> Did you hear about this possibility? 
> http://www.argonaut.uidaho.edu/current/news3.html Some people are trying to 
> put a government run pub on campus? I do not support it, I think there are 
> enough drunks walking around campus without a pub. I also do not think the 
> government should get involved in things the private sector is doing just 
> fine.  But how do you feel about UI cutting into your business? I would be 
> mad if I were you or the owner of a drinking establishment.
> I am waiting for the UI to create an oil changing station in which all 
> students are required to get their car oil changed there,then they will 
> contract the project out to a private business, in Pullman, it will be 
> cheaper then any other oil change on the palouse but it will use the wrong 
> oil in the winter for 33% of cars. And if you want to get your oil changed 
> elsewhere, it will require that you provide proof of a contract that you 
> signed agreeing to 35 oil changes a year, because that is how many the UI 
> program allows for each year. And nobody will bother to ask why UI got 
> involved in the oil business in the first place.
> I think UI should concentrate on Education, their area of expertise, and let 
> the private businesses concentrate on their business. UI should not be 
> involved in things like restaurants, malls, medical coverage, pubs, and all 
> of these other things.  The businesses in Moscow are good enough for me, 
> good enough for the people of Moscow, and good enough for the students at 
> UI.
> Take Care,
> Donovan J Arnold
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> >Subject: [Vision2020] Mardi Gras Madness at CJ's
> >Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 10:18:49 -0800
> >
> >Mardi Gras Madness is coming to CJ's this Saturday, March 5th. The Humane 
> >Society of the Palouse will be the sole beneficiary this year. A ticket 
> >(donation) is $10.00 which includes a "free" bus ride from Pullman. Busses 
> >start leaving the Bookie at WSU and Dissmores parking lot at 6:00 pm and go 
> >directly to CJ's front door. The last bus will leave CJ's at 3:00am. No one 
> >will be left behind. Tickets are on sale now at CJ's in Moscow and After 
> >Dark in Pullman. Tickets will also be sold the night of the event at both 
> >bus stops in Pullman.
> >
> >If you wish to send a donation to The Humane Society please do so at:
> >C/O CJ's
> >PO Box 8387
> >Moscow, Idaho 83843
> >
> >We want to thank you for helping those that cannot help themselves.
> >
> >Phil Roderick
> >
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