[Vision2020] Anonymous Pamphleteers of the Reformation

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 05:59:04 PDT 2005

JO asks, "Why should Doug Wilson (http://dougwils.com)
and his followers object to the anonymous authorship
of the scriptural letter called 'Labor of Love?'"

It was my impression that they did not object to
anonymous authorship but anonymous accusations. Many
people believe that the accused have the right to face
their accuser(s). 

Donovan J Arnold

--- Joan Opyr <joanopyr at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Dear Visionaries and Kirkers:
> Why should Doug Wilson (http://dougwils.com) and his
> followers object 
> to the anonymous authorship of the scriptural letter
> called “Labor of 
> Love?”  The founders of Wilson’s faith all published
> anonymous 
> pamphlets; I’m thinking particularly of Scottish
> theologian (and Wilson 
> idol) John Knox’s “The First Trumpet Blast Against
> the Monstrous 
> Regiment of Women.”  Knox did not publish that under
> his own name – he 
> had far too much to lose.  Instead, he spoke his
> piece from the safety 
> of anonymity.  Would Doug have wished it otherwise? 
> Would he rather 
> Knox had lost his head (literally) and published
> under his own name 
> rather than live on to speak and write extensively,
> and by his work 
> create the Scottish Presbyterianism that Doug lays
> claim to today?
> Just off the top of our heads (meaning Melynda’s,
> Rose’s, and mine) 
> we’ve complied a brief list of Reformation and/or
> Puritan movers and 
> shakers who chose to publish at least some portion
> of their work 
> anonymously:
> John Calvin
> John Knox
> Melancthon
> Servetius
> Robert Owen
> John Milton
> Martin Bucer
> And, while Martin Luther did not attempt to conceal
> his identity, he 
> did not sign his 95 Theses.
> Perhaps Andreas Schou, Nick Gier, or Ted Moffett can
> add to this list?
> My point?  Surely content is at least as important
> as authorship.  As 
> the Bible is itself a compilation of the works of
> countless anonymous 
> authors, a Biblical literalist might argue that
> content is everything 
> and authorship nothing.  I would also point out that
> Doug and his 
> followers are not above writing anonymous pamphlets
> -- though I 
> certainly wouldn’t class “Topless and Proud” with
> Knox, Calvin, or the 
> anonymous genius behind “Labor of Love.”
> Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment
> www.auntie-establishment.com
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