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  Deut. 17:6 will work. But the New Testament actually has that requirement as well (Mt 18:16; 2Cor 13:1; 1Ti 5:19; and Heb 10:28) -- especially the 1Ti 5:19 passage. 

  The requirement for having first-hand witnesses when a charge is brought is an assumption of innocence until proven guilty. 

  The fact that an invertebrate would bring such charges demonstrates not only that he has no testicular fortitude, but also that he is operating in a Venom2020 modus operandi as opposed to a biblical one. 

  No one at CC will hear a charge brought by someone anonymously. Not only is it not biblical, but we've seen exactly where that kind of thing leads -- no where. 

  Bring out your charges if you will  -- first hand accounts with first-hand witnesses and not men hiding behind Intolerista skirts. No hear-say evidence. Rule of law. 


  PS -- oh, and the fact that it resonated with you and not with me (or any other CC member) should tell you a lot of things. But then again, you also have no first-hand knowledge of anything, just hear-say. 

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  Visionaries and Dale,

  Actually, Dale, I am aware of the scriptural requirement for witnesses when an accusation is made.  Perhaps you are referring to Deut. 17:6

  "On the evidence of two witnesses or of three witnesses he that is to die shall be put to death; a person shall not be put to death one the evidence of one witness."

  Of course, the author of the open letter was not asking for the death penalty, but rather, repentance - which I believe you would understand is the gift of eternal life.

  At any rate, I think, that you, as well as your elders, pastor, and congregation members, are far more aware than those of us outside Christ Church that there are a super-sufficiency of witnesses to the sins discussed in the letter.

  As you know, I always sign my letters (typos, skipped words, and all).  I am in a position to do so because I do not have to worry about employment, how my children might be treated in school, or being shunned by other church members.  As I understood it, anonymity was chosen so that the messenger was not the focus -  the message was.  Clearly you and Doug don't share my understanding.

  I am sorry that the letter did not resonate with you in the way that it did for me.  



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