[Vision2020] University to charge 2.5 percent fee to creditcardscharges

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Thu Jun 9 11:05:14 PDT 2005

WHERE do you get your information?  Is this stuff you make up to justify 
your points of view or what?

In re: to 200 less students...there is never a year that goes by that some 
students are not "lost" during the year due to finances, health, lack of 
interest, etc.  This is normal and every school experiences those kinds of 
losses.  It is in no way different these last few years or even this year 
for the UI.  Again, the fact is that until this next fall, the UI has 
experienced a gain in students every year and this year it will break even 
with last fall's numbers or very slightly higher.

"MOST freshman and sophomore students do not qualify for enough subsidized 
loans..."?  Says who?  The fact is that everyone is eligible to apply for 
fed/state loans and most are eligible to apply for the Pell grant and most 
are eligible to apply for scholarships of MANY kinds.  While some don't get 
the loan amounts they feel they should due to parental income, MOST do.  The 
loans etc. are based on parental income, or if you are a "non-typical" 
student (meaning you are entering school at a later age) the loans are based 
on YOUR income.  The point is, freshman/sophomores are no more hampered from 
getting the same loans than juniors or seniors simply because they are lower 
classman.  It is all based on the income of the parent/non-typical student.  
According to the Financial Aide people at UI, if an unsubsidized loan is not 
enough to get a student into school, there are scholarships and the Pell 
grant offered that will make it possible to get the school fees and 
tuition/supplies paid for.  According to that office, "there is no HUGE 
amount of freshman/sophomores that use a credit card to get into school.  
There is information of many other ways provided to them that allows them to 
avoid the use of credit cards to pay for things."  While freshman/sophomores 
are not offered the same amount of loans as the upper classmen, there are 
ways to fund their schooling that are being used and don't involve the use 
of credit cards.

According to the Registrar's office, IF a student in involved with 
intramural sports they do have to have a $500K minimum health insurance 
coverage...if, however, they are NOT involved in the sports program, there 
is no minimum.  The UI insurance program costs the student $1036/year and 
covers them no matter where they may be if/when the need to use the health 
insurance arises.  If the student is covered by a spouse or parent, all they 
have to do is provide proof of that and that charge goes away.

Your statement of " the student has no other choice but to put it on the 
credit card" is not only wrong, it is very uneducated.  Not only are there 
other ways possible, there are other ways being used.  Credit card use is a 
very small percentage when compared to the other options out there.

Going into debt by use of credit cards is a CHOICE people make - knowing the 
risks and responsibilities involved.  IF they don't, they simply have no 
business "owning" a credit card.  Who says it should be a free ride for 
anyone going to school anyway?  Even as a child I remember people who worked 
to get through college and they didn't boo-hoo about it...it was just a 
known fact that once you hit 18 (at least) you started working, if you were 
going to school or not.  Most of the kids I grew up as well as myself 
started working at the age of 14...something that seems foreign to some 
folks now-a-days.

According to the College of Business and the Architecture College, while the 
Business and Architecture students do have to buy some programming and 
computers that are specific for their degree program, those costs are not 
encumbered until the student is a JUNIOR and the charges are about 
$500/semester; the student is then able to buy the computer at the end of 
their studies for $1.  If the student decides to quit their program(s) the 
student has the option to return the computers, etc. and do not incur any 
additional charges or they can continue to make the semester payments until 
the computer is paid off.  Again, this is for JUNIOR grade students, not 
freshman/sophomores.  There are some scholarship programs out there that 
include the cost of computers in the scholarship as well (Computer Science 
has such a scholarship program.)

J  ;)

>From: Donovan Arnold <donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com>
>To: Ron Force <rforce at moscow.com>, vision2020 at moscow.com
>Subject: RE: [Vision2020] University to charge 2.5 percent fee to 
>Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 19:56:49 -0700 (PDT)
>Mr. Force,
>Most freshman and sophomore students do not qualify
>for enough subsidized loans to meet all their room,
>board, tuition, medical and book expenses.
>The government deducts the "expected family
>contribution" from the maximum amount you can qualify
>for in loans. If the government expects your family to
>contribute $6000 a year to your education but Mom and
>Pop can only fork out $3000 the student has no other
>choice but to put it on the credit card and try to pay
>it off with a part-time job. I only qualified for
>$3000 in aid my sophomore year and nothing my freshman
>In addition there are increasing expenses the
>University has added onto that the federal government
>does not count as an expense when calculating your
>maximum financial award package. For example, all
>students are required to have $500,000 in catastrophic
>coverage. This costs students about $1000 out of
>pocket expenses if they are not covered their parents.
>Business and architecture majors also have to also pay
>thousands in computer software and hardware that are
>also not counted as expected costs.
>So in a dream world, yes students should and most do
>take all they can get in loans and scholarships but
>more often than not this is not enough for freshman
>and sophomore students.
>Donovan J Arnold
>--- Ron Force <rforce at moscow.com> wrote:
> > It would be very foolish for students to charge
> > their education expenses on
> > a credit card when there are subsidized student
> > loans at a fraction of the
> > interest rate.
> >
> > BTW, I just bought some auto parts from a local
> > merchant, and was charged a
> > fee to use my credit card.
> >
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> >
> > J,
> >
> > UI has lost undergraduate enrollment. The UI lost
> > 200
> > undergraduate students. Increases in graduate
> > student
> > enrollment have made up some of those lost
> > undergraduates. However, most graduate students live
> > off campus so they do not charge boarding and
> > housing
> > costs on their credit cards at UI. The 2004, 2005,
> > and
> > 2006 enrollments are down for undergraduates. Who
> > cares if they were up 8 years ago or 80 years ago.
> > What matters is now and the future.
> >
> >
> > Second, I also never said that UI got the 10%
> > charge.
> > My complaint is that students still have to pay the
> > cost, increases in the cost, interest on the cost,
> > the
> > additional 2.5%, and the additional interest on the
> > 2.5%. That makes college less affordable which means
> > less people can go to college.
> >
> > Third, how are 18-year-old students that do not have
> > $50,000 in their piggy banks so suppose to afford
> > funding a four year degree?
> >
> > The budget cuts have nothing to do with the lack of
> > students. Most colleges are facing cuts.
> >
> > Finally, the University does have a responsibility
> > to
> > keep college costs affordable. Everyone in the state
> > pays for the University so it should be open to
> > everyone capable of taking the courses not just the
> > rich.
> >
> > Keeping up with my grammatically incorrect 15 posts
> > a
> > day,
> >
> > Donovan J Arnold
> >
> >
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