[Vision2020] Grab your mitt (sorry Carl, it's not really about baseball)

DonaldH675 at aol.com DonaldH675 at aol.com
Thu Jun 2 13:03:10 PDT 2005

Doug Wilson has just put together another bellyaching blog about how he is  
picked on, and how people want to run his church out of town.  Although I  am 
struggling with a serious border problem on a quilt - I will put aside what  is 
apparently my lack of creative quilting genius - to deconstruct the most  
recent post from the biggest bawl baby in Moscow.  Expect an  interesting post 
later this afternoon, or this evening, depending on my  self control (and my 
quilt); it's time for the real story of this disingenuous  jackass to hit 2020.  
Want to play hard ball, Doug?  Then CATCH.
Rose Huskey
"One cannot  level one's moral lance at every evil in the universe. There are 
just too many  of them. But you can do something, and the difference between 
doing something  and doing nothing is everything." Daniel Berrigan

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