[Vision2020] Question for debate-"Why not open the US-MexicanBoarder?"

Dick Schmidt dickschmidt at moscow.com
Wed Sep 29 06:42:58 PDT 2004


I can't believe you are even asking such a question. And you graduated UI?
Illegal immigrants are draining the resources of our country in hospitals,
jails, prisons and social services. We can't afford them. I would be more in
favor of shooting everything that came across the border illegally both on
our north and south borders.

Dick Schmidt

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> I fail to understand why it is that everyone seems to want to keep the
> boarder closed between the US and Mexico.
> Who cares if  Mexicans comes into the country? If they are not granted
> citizenship, it is not like they are a threat to real US jobs.
> If seems to me that the major problems caused by immigration are caused
> by the crossing of the boarder, but by the illegalization of crossing the
> boarder.
> Please explain to me why it such a big deal if Mexicans come and go as
> please into this country and buy our stuff?
> Donovan J Arnold
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