[Vision2020] Thanks to Donna, kittens saved

Kit Craine kcraine at moscow.com
Fri Sep 10 18:15:36 PDT 2004

Thanks to Donna (who's last name I didn't catch so can't write to 
personally), the entire cat family has found a new home, on a farm 
between Palouse and Garfield.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I would have hated to put these 
beings down, just because they were living in the wrong place.


> An abandoned (I assume) cat had a litter of kittens (3) in my carport 
> and the mother cat is living off the bounty of my yard--i.e. the bird 
> population that we've been trying to build for years. I've captured 
> the kittens and will begin trying to trap the mother today.
> I need homes, preferably in a barn, for these cats.
> These are feral cats so the Humane Society won't take them. We can't 
> keep them. We have my quota of indoor cats and can't keep them outside 
> because we've worked very hard to make our yard into bird habitat.
> Can anyone give these cats a home? Preferably as a family? If not, 
> I'll have to put them down.
> Kit Craine

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