[Vision2020] It is a matter of trust?

Carl Westberg carlwestberg846@hotmail.com
Wed, 19 May 2004 07:16:47 -0700

Pat, if you're going to complain about people not responding to a question.  
I posed a question to you yesterday regarding abuse of innocent prisoners. 
Given that the Red Cross reports 70 to 90 percent of Iraqi detainees were 
mistakenly arrested, one must conclude that the large majority of abused 
prisoners are guilty of nothing.  I asked you yesterday if the lives of 
these people are less important than the lives of Americans.  Are they?  I 
think Keely answered your question about John Kerry quite well.              
                                         Carl Westberg Jr.

>From: "Pat Kraut" <pkraut@moscow.com>
>To: "vision2020" <vision2020@moscow.com>
>Subject: [Vision2020] It is a matter of trust?
>Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 22:30:20 -0700
>It seems to me that lately so many of the publications that we had respect 
>for have fallen on their swords. Who and what are we to believe?
>I have also heard that Catholics all have sex with the priest in the 
>confessional...but I have no evidence of it myself. It curious to me that 
>every email that responded to this completely ignored the part about Kerry 
>and the other politicians and their voting records that are opposite of the 
>tenets of the church. Thats what my email was really about.
>Have a great day
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>   From: Ron Force
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>   Subject: RE: [Vision2020] As if we needed any more . . .
>   It's surprising that the Economist got caught reprinting bogus 
>information from the Internet without fact checking.  The original 
>assertion been traced back to a posting to rec.org.mensa.   The book cited 
>as containing the IQ data, IQ and the Wealth of Nations, doesn't. The 
>original author won't answer inquiries.
>   When we're asked for statistical data at the UI Library, one of the 
>first things we think is "Who would compile it, and where would it be 
>   IQ tests were routinely given to military recruits up through WW2, but I 
>don't know of any agency or institution that uses them anymore. Public 
>schools don't use them either.  Lacking any obvious source for the data 
>immediately raises a red flag. In this case, skepticism is warranted.
>   More information at: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/
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>   Ron Force         Moscow ID USA
>   rforce@moscow.com
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>     Subject: [Vision2020] As if we needed any more . . .
>     Proof that Democrats really are smarter than Republicans?  >From the 
>latest issue of The Economist, May 15th - 21st, 2004.  The original source 
>of the data is "IQ and the Wealth of Nations," by Richard Lynn and Tatu 
>     State -- Average IQ -- 2000 Presidential vote

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