[Vision2020] Is this Fair???

Donovan Arnold donovanarnold@hotmail.com
Mon, 10 May 2004 22:27:04 -0700

I was thinking about what would be the fair and decent thing to do with the 
soldiers that tortured, humiliated, and sodomized those in the Iraqi Prison.

What I would do is leave all those who knew about it and did nothing and 
those that participated in the illegal behavior right there in Iraq. I would 
let the newly formed Iraqi government put them on trial along with all the 
others that will be tried for crimes against humanity. Then, if and when 
they have been tried and served their sentences in Iraqi, they should be 
brought back to the US and tried in a Court Martial.

It seems only fair. Think about it, if a foreign government was occupying 
the United States, and this torture was done to US citizens on our own soil, 
would we not ask to be able to try those who committed such atrocities? Or 
would we accept the foreigners to punish them?

This really is disgusting, sad, and humiliating. There are something like a 
1000 photos and MPEGS of this torture, including people being sodomized by a 
light stick. My stomach turns, and I feel so sad and ashamed that our 
military, or anyone in it, and certainly not an entire unit, can participate 
in this, take photos, and have smiles on their face as they are doing it. I 
wonder if this is going on elsewhere in Iraq. What really are the chances 
someone could take 1000 photos unless it was happening more frequently.

I really hope that everyone on this server list prays that this sort of 
thing stops everywhere, and that justice can come to those that participated 
and are responsible for the inhumane treatment of these people.

This is something that will hurt all US Soldiers. We violate the Geneva 
Convention, and others will violate it against our captured troops. Look 
forward to this happening to our boys and girls in the future.

So I think we should just leave these people over there. They obviously feel 
quiet comfortable anyway.


Donovan J Arnold

PS, I do not think this reflects the core values of the average soldier. But 
I think we need to bring them home if this is what 19 years old pregnant 
Privates end up doing over there. Philip Zimbardo did this experiment many 
years ago. The good people did the same thing they are doing in Iraq.

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