[Vision2020] Removing Saddam Increased Al Quada's Power

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What a charade!  

If "contacts" between Al Quada and representatives of a nation are a reason 
to invade and bomb that country into submission, the US would be a target.  The 
US has had "contacts" with Al Quada.  

Regardless of what the White House is saying now, they deliberately gave the 
impression to the American people that Iraq had something to do with 9/11, and 
the American people bought it, with a majority at one point thinking Iraq was 
linked to 9/11.

But it was known years ago that Bin Laden and his followers disliked Saddam 
and the form of secularized Islam he represented, in a similar fashion to how 
much Al Quada disliked Khadafy in Libya.  At one point the British and Al Quada 
were working together to get Khadafy, the British in part because Khadafy 
threw out the British and nationalized the oil, and Al Quada because Khadafy was 
against the purist form of Islam Al Quada promotes.  

It was known long ago that 9/11 was not linked to Saddam's regime.  How many 
times can people overlook the fact that 15 of the 19 9/11 high jackers were 
Saudi nationals?  How many times can people overlook the funding of Al Quada 
that originated from Saudi Arabia?

The US invasion of Iraq is just what Al Quada wanted to inspire their 
movement and gain new recruits, to prove to other Muslims that the US wants to 
control the Muslim world, so they could continue with aggressive efforts against the 
US influence in that region.  

The irony is that now that Saddam is gone, Al Quada has more influence in 
Iraq!  When Saddam was in power, Al Quada's presence in Iraq was kept under 
control, with Saddam and Al Quada as enemies.

And this report by the 9/11 commission is old news!

Ted Moffett
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