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DonaldH675 at aol.com DonaldH675 at aol.com
Sat Jun 26 20:59:01 PDT 2004

I am pleased to announce on behalf of my daughter-in-law, Auntie 
Establishment, the uploading of her really, really, really funny column, "From Queer to 
Eternity."  This splendid addition to her website <Auntie-Establishment.com> is 
drawn from Vision 2020 exchanges between Auntie (and other sensible 
Visionaries) and well, let's just say self-proclaimed Saints.  For those of us who can't 
claim the Queer part of the title just imagine it says "From Straight to 
Hell."  Not nearly as apt as Auntie's title, but then, I'm no Joan Opyr.
Also, I think she has at least one item on her "Tacky Merchandise" link.  
Please keep in mind that any revenue will not flow back to Auntie but will go 
either to the Moscow Public Library or Planned Parenthood.  (I think.  Check with 
Auntie on this matter.)
Rose Huskey
Once you lose integrity everything else is easy.
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