[Vision2020] Some more Idaho SI gems

Oh Yeah thansen@moscow.com
Fri, 4 Jun 2004 18:16:02 GMT

How about:


The 1962 University of Idaho Basketball Team and the trip to the Sweet 16?

This team consisted of:

Joe Cipriano (Coach), Chuck White, Tom Whitfield, Lyle Parks, Gus Johnson, Rich 
Porter, Fred Crowell, Don Sowar, Terry Henson, Tom Moreland, Nelson Levias, 
Wayne Meyer, Chuck Kosak, Bill Mattis, and Wayne Anderson (Assistant Coach).

How about the 1949 University of Idaho Football Team (then part of the Pacific 
Coast Conference with UCLA, USC, California, etc.) beat Stanford and returned 
to Moscow (by train).

Need any more?


> I'm having trouble recalling very many great moments
> in Idaho sports history. Will someone please jog my
> memory? With all due respect to Mr. Knievel (and his
> fans), I think we can do better. 
> Ben Twigg
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