[Vision2020] Idaho and Sports Illustrated

JSullivan jsullivan@moscow.com
Fri, 4 Jun 2004 08:11:33 -0700

Just my 2 cents..... a bit of a ramble and rant....

When the Vandals decided to not only leave the Big Sky, as well as
essentially slapping local businesses in the face by taking away income
regional teams brought to our area....... it was *poof* All of it gone! No
"hated opponent", no full hotels/motels, no big tips for waitresses....
Zippo, nada....

How many home games did Idaho have last year? Three, or was it four? And
where were the teams from? Sometimes, I just don't get it. Next year out of
12 games, Idaho plays 4 "home" games, 2 at WSU, and 2 at U of I. The home
games include: WSU at WSU;  Louisiana-Monroe and Louisiana-Lafayette at
Idaho; and Arkansas at WSU. Seriously folks, how many fans are going to come
to Idaho in this economy to see their team play? How many Vandal fans fly to
Tennessee, Texas and Alabama? The remaining games are away games, (DUH!
*laugh*) one including a trip to Hawaii. How can the U of I afford to send a
team to Hawaii, when they are talking about gutting the Fine Arts
Department? Hmmmmm???  I thought a university was primarily for getting an

Would someone please be so kind as to educate me about this? It is something
that has perplexed me since Idaho left the Big Sky. I am totally in the dark
as to the reasoning. I feel if we were playing in a division that had teams
closer to home, not only would the town see an increase in our economy. But
the visiting fans would be exposed to the U of I, and perhaps might be
inclined to send their children here. It would be a university far enough
away from home to give their children freedom, yet not so far as to make it
impossible for family to visit them.

Thanks for listening. This has bothered me for ages.

Janesta Carcich Sullivan

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> Sports Illustrated has been featuring one of the fifty states in each
> the last several months, and the new issue features Idaho.  Among the
> questions:  Idahoans most hated opponent.  The answer:  The Idaho Vandals.
> We're our own state's most hated opponent?
>          Carl Westberg Jr.
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