[Vision2020] Adelphia???

Saundra Lund sslund at adelphia.net
Mon Jul 26 09:52:03 PDT 2004

Well, shucky-darn, Carl . . . did you tell them it was a religious freedom issue
with your Church of Golf???  Maybe if they knew that . . .   ;-)

Now, I've got some good news (or bad news) for you:  the appointment they
scheduled for you will be a waste of your time.  So, unless you were really just
dying to meet up with the cable tech, you might want to cancel that appointment.

According to the Adelphia person I just spoke with, the outage is one affecting
the digital tier in Moscow, Pullman, and all outlying areas.  A memo was added
to the system Friday evening instructing that no tech calls be scheduled for
this difficulty.

If anyone knows the tech details of the cable system, something called the DAC
(at least, that's what it sounded like to me) is out.  STILL no flipping
estimate of return of full service.  <sigh>  It is Adelphia's policy not to
provide the tech details of problems to the CSRs because the details are so
"technical" and specific it won't mean much to the CSRs or customers.  I bit my
tongue, but in this case, she was correct:  knowing that the DAC was out didn't
shed any light for me  ;-)  I asked if they'd ordered a new one to replace the
faulty one and when delivery of a new DAC was expected, and she didn't know.
Well, you can't blame me for trying!

Man, while I'm definitely not a golf fan (I must still be evolving), I have
great sympathy for your golf less weekend, Carl!  I'd set up our Replay TV to
record something I ***really*** wanted to see that was on Friday evening.  When
flopping Saturday evening after driving 7 hours to get home and getting that
darn black screen (and nothing else to watch since over half our channels were
gone) was a total bummer.

As bad as that was, though, it was nothing compared to missing my beloved Six
Feet Under last night  :-(  If I'd have known, I might just have stayed
somewhere not affected by this blasted outage!

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do
-Edmund Burke

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Saundra, I experienced the same thing this weekend.  I tuned into the Golf 
Channel Friday night and all I got was a black screen.  Same with the 
premium channels (HBO, etc.).  I went through the same process of waiting to 
talk to someone on the phone.  He did something at his end that restored 
things, but only temporarily.  By Saturday, they were all gone again.  I 
called again Saturday night, and was told that I was about the sixth caller 
from Moscow.  He tried to restore service from his end, but nothing 
happened, and I'm supposed to meet someone from Adelphia at my place 
tomorrow.  I had to put up with no Golf Channel for the entire weekend, a 
harsh reminder of how horrible life can be at times.                         
                         Carl Westberg Jr.

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