[Vision2020] City Tax Increase

John Danahy jdanahy at turbonet.com
Fri Jul 23 11:29:42 PDT 2004

I have a few questions for anyone out there regarding the proposed 3%
property tax increase the city wants.


My assessment was just increased by 14%, thus the dollars I pay to the city
will increase 14%?


Is the 3% increase on top of the 14% increase?


If revenues are stagnant, and the state has not increased support, isn't it
important for the city to admonish the state legislature over the failure of
its tax cuts rather than increase taxes locally?


Will the city reconsider the pay increases recently implemented before
taking more of my money?

(After all, the only people in this community who have had generous pay
increases in the last four years work for the city!)


Why, given all the construction that has occurred outside of the Alturas
Park, have revenues been stagnant?  Shouldn't growth result in increased


Really, I just do not understand why this city is in puzzling financial
straits.  My water and sewer bills have increased because of the failure of
the budget process.  With several years of stagnant revenues, the city
adopts a compensation system comparable to Spokane.  Everywhere I look, new
houses are being built, older homes are extensively remodeled, and new
apartment complexes spring up like dandelions.  Yet revenues are stagnant?



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