[Vision2020] UI Task Force Members Paid!!?

Saundra Lund sslund at adelphia.net
Thu Jul 8 13:58:58 PDT 2004

Thanks, Mr. Force, for sharing the information with Vision 2020.

You wrote:
"Remember, they're not realeased from their regular duties, unless trhey use the
$7,500 for a buy-out."

Well, I don't mean to quibble, but I'm not sure that's completely accurate.  I
know of at least two non-Task Force (already strapped) UI employees who have had
their workloads increased (with no additional compensation) to "help out" with
the regular duties of Task Force members (who are receiving additional financial

Mind you, if I worked at the UI, I don't think you could pay me enough to want
to be on that particular Task Force!

However, I think being on the Task Force with its additional compensation is a
nice little peach for that select group.  It SUCKS for the rest of the employees
who have gone without raises for far too long, but . . . 

And, quite frankly, I think increasing the workload of those not on the Task
Force to "help out" those on the Task Force stinks.  As a community, there's a
sense that everyone should be pitching in to "get the job done" and support the
Task Force's efforts, but I think it's bound to cause resentment that those
already overworked souls not on the Task Force are having to pick up the
inevitable slack from those who are being paid to be on the Task Force in
addition to their regular pay.

I think it's also hard to foster a sense of a community and sell the idea that
the UI financial difficulties are something all employees are in together as a
team when a select group (I join others in being interested in the selection
criteria) is getting a substantial financial perk for an issue *all* are trying
to resolve.

But, perhaps that's part of the reason the financial compensation has been kept
such a quiet little secret???

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

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I replied to Saundra directly.  It appears that others are interested, so
here's the answer:

Each Task Force member gets a $7,500 honorarium.  If taken directly (as
pay), it's subject to all the standard deductions, just like pay.  It can be
put into a discretionary operating fund to support professional work (like
travel to conferences, etc.); or, it can be used to buy released time from
the department. Academic year employees also get one month of summer salary.

This is a one shot deal, no matter how long the TF runs. My guess is that
they won't be done until December.  And, given the number of hours involved,
they're getting about $ 8.00/hr. Remember, they're not realeased from their
regular duties, unless trhey use the $7,500 for a buy-out.

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I am very interested in this.  Certainly there has been no mention in the
force "releases" or anything on the web site that these might be paid
positions. I suppose it would be possible, maybe necessary  to pay the
classified staff for comp time, but I would be interested to know if anyone
else is getting paid, and just exactly which budget that is coming from.  I
know they spent 2 full days in meetings, but I would think that would have
fallen under the "other duties as assigned" rather than getting to be
as comp time.  I suppose you could pay the exempt personnel on the grounds
that it is beyond the contract that they agreed too.  Certainly no mention
made when they were asking for nominations that there was a possibility that
the positions might be paid.  Does anyone know what criteria was used to
select the members to this committee? I know that they have taken a vow of
silence and nothing comes out from any individual.   Just notices signed
task force".
If you get any responses to this question, I would sure like to hear it.
you post it to Vision2020?



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